Comments on the proposed Facebook oversight board

June, 2019

Since late last year, Linterna Verde has been involved in discussions with civil society and Facebook about the proposal to implement a content oversight board. As a result of a public consultation opened by Facebook, Linterna Verde presents the following comments document (in English).

The document addresses the proposed supervisory board, focusing on three elements: (i) the practical tension between international standards and the platform’s community standards (or terms of service); (ii) the challenges of scale and context in content moderation, and (iii) the importance of the appeal process for users. Based on these points, we believe that the proposed the supervisory board and the debate it has generated ignore key issues related to the problem of content moderation on Facebook. In particular, we believe that the supervisory board should not be framed or understood as an ‘international tribunal,’ but rather should focus on advising and supervising the implementation of the community standards. In that sense, we believe that the proposed framework for the supervisory board is inadequate.