Gender polygraph based on candidates’ online speeches

May, 2018 

For the first time in history, the majority of the vice presidential candidates in the 2018 Elections are women, a fact that comes up in the context of an increasingly important debate on the role of women in society and the problems they face.

As part of a project on disinformation, Linterna Verde in association with the Foundation for the Freedom of the Press, presents a report that monitors gender discourse – both by presidential candidates and their running mates – through an analysis of nearly 45,000 Facebook and Twitter posts. This exercise was conducted along with Colnodo, which promotes the appropriation of information and communications technologies with a gender approach.

The ‘Gender Polygraph’ made it possible to see not only how the vice presidential candidates have spoken about women, but also to confirm that they, and not their male presidential running mates that ultimately pushed this agenda – beyond the approach they chose. For some women’s organizations, this visibility did not always imply greater depth. Although the candidates mentioned issues that had been traditionally invisible, such as the care economy or the reduction of violence against women, other equally relevant topics were absent.

Over the next few months we will produce other reports on how some public interest topics are focused on and discussed in social media. Our goal is to promote public debate in the digital age and, in particular, to help civil society organizations better understand the logic of online disinformation, the strategies used for their production and the relevant actors.