The public security discourse in Mexico

December, 2019

The goal of this document is to describe the debate on the war against drugs in Mexico from the perspective of civil society work. Rather than providing a substantive approach to the problem, the purpose is to understand how it is positioned. To do so, the dominant framings, the derived narratives and the points of tension in the debate are identified.

This report was constructed based on several cycles of research and qualitative analysis. The first stage consisted of a bibliographic review and coverage of Mexican media on the discussion of the militarization of public security since 2006, and a preliminary mapping of organizations that deal with these issues. The second stage consisted of conducting nine semi-structured interviews with representatives of the selected organizations, plus three contextual and follow-up interviews, also semi-structured. The third stage consisted of a qualitative analysis of the interviews and an additional documentary review. Finally, an analysis was conducted of the #SeguridadSinGuerra hashtag and the social media presence of each of the chosen organizations.